– a hand-drawn, stylish universe where we are probably best known for our NEWBORN 1: 1 birth posters. The posters are created with a hand-drawn, graphic illustration of your OWN baby, scaled up to estimated birth length and added name, date, time of birth, length, and weight. Then you can always see how small your greatest miracle actually was <3. NEWBORN 1: 1 posters always measure 50 × 70 cm. 

In addition to NEWBORN 1:1, we have our LITTLE MEMORIES posters. With these posters we create illustrations of those favorite moments you would like as a keepsake to decorate your walls. 

Personalized posters are available in sizes A4, A3 and 50 × 70 cm.



Are your illustrations really hand drawn?
Yes they are. All illustrations are drawn by Maria, a professional illustrator for more than 20 years. The image you upload is used as the underlying template for the illustration, neatly and carefully drawn by hand.

A piece of the foot or arm is missing on my picture. Can you use it anyway?
Yes – easily. We can also leave out probes and name tags and genitals if desired. If in doubt, send us the picture in an email or in a message – we will quickly answer whether it is feasible or not. We would rather say no than deliver a poster we cannot vouch for – but fortunately this has only happened a few times.

Do I get to see the poster before print?
Yes! You ALWAYS get to approval your poster before we send it to print. You will only pay once you have approved the poster. As it is one of a kind, and can’t be resold, there is no return policy after approval and print.

What payment options do you offer?You can pay with a Dankort, Visa, Mastercard and VIABILL

What kind of paper is used for the posters?
Our posters are printed on 230 g silk, fsc labeled quality paper.

How soon do I get a review?
usually you have a proof no later than the day after you have ordered your poster. Remember to check your junk mail, as our mails often ends there due to the attached photo (s). If you do not receive a reply to your email or do not receive a confirmation of your order, please write us a text message or a message on social media, and we will take care of it.

When will I receive my poster?
The poster will be send to you on the same day you have approved your poster  if you approve before 09:30. Otherwise, it will be shipped the following day. That means you can expect to receive your poster 1-3 business days after approval.

Other questions?
You are always welcome to contact us on phone +45 25572860, on mail info@originallines.dk or on messages on social media. We will respond as soon as we can – even if we see your message outside of working hours 🙂


Illustrator and graphic designer
Maria Gimm Feltendal is a graphic designer, illustrator and the owner of ORIGINAL LINES. All her life she has loved to draw, and since 1998 she has worked in the advertising industry – and since 2005 as an independent with the micro agency Reklamestuen. As a professional illustrator she has drawn everything between heaven and earth, and as a graphic designer she has visualized messages about everything – from excavators to the fashion industry.

In the spring of 2016, she got the idea for ORIGINAL LINES and after several months of developing the simple line that characterizes our posters, she has since November 2016 created personal illustrations of what matters most to our customers.

Administration and Communication
Katrine Gimm Pedersen is responsible for the social media content and the website. She has completed her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Management Communication, and is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Corporate Communication at Aarhus 

We are passionate about providing good service and making sure you are always in good hands with us.