At ORIGINAL LINES, we design personal and unique posters to cherish your best memories forever. Maria carefully creates each poster with a hand drawn illustration in a timeless Scandinavian design. Upload the photo you want to be celebrated as an ORIGINAL LINES poster, and we will create a beautiful keepsake for you or someone you hold dear.

Our NEWBORN 1:1 birth poster is designed with an illustration of your own baby and scaled to natural birth size for you to always remember how small your biggest miracle was at birth. Our LITTLE MEMORIES posters celebrate all those beautiful moments in life that are often left hidden away on your phone. Moments such as the first meeting between siblings, your pregnant belly, a celebration of newlyweds, or whatever else you might want to be memorialized.

With love,
Katrine and Maria


649 DKK

NEWBORN 1:1 birth poster



Personal siblings poster



On May 21, 2016, illustrator and graphic designer Maria Gimm Feltendal’s first grandson, Sylvester, was born. Sylvester’s mother wanted one of the birth posters with a standard illustration of a baby scaled up at birth length with name and birth data applied. “How about if we make it ourselves, just based on a photo of Sylvester instead” Maria suggested. And right there in 2016 ORIGINAL LINES birth posters NEWBORN 1:1 was born.

NEWBORN 1:1 is created from a hand drawn illustration of your own baby. The illustration is drawn from a photo of your baby in full figure. The illustration is then scaled up to the baby’s estimated birth length with the name and birth data applied to the poster. In addition to your poster, you will also receive the signed original drawing used for the poster. What is unique about ORIGINAL LINES birth posters is best described by the customers themselves: Ane P (@frkmarinp): “I look at the picture of Mille so many times a day and love that it’s so personal because it is just exactly her and not just a sketch of her birth data. It is spot on and I love it ”.

We love to create posters that are something very special which means that your wishes are taken into account. If your photo is missing a bit of a foot or arm, or you wish to have a probe removed for your poster you need just ask. However, it is important for us that your poster is of high quality which lies very close to heart and characterizes our posters. The poster is only purchased when approved, as one of the most important things for us is your happiness.

We also have a series of PERSONAL posters that can be ordered with an illustration drawn from exactly the photo you want – whether it’s your baby, your pregnant belly, your pet or something else.

In addition to the personal and unique posters, ORIGINAL LINES deliver a high level of service out of the ordinary. One of the essential values ​​Maria decided when founding the small poster business is that when you order your most important poster, it MUST be a great experience.