Maria Gimm Feltendal. Draftsman, graphic artist, and owner
Maria is the creative source of ORIGINAL LINES. She is the one who draws the illustrations for the posters and sets them up graphically before they go to print. Maria has been a professional illustrator and graphic designer since 1997, and since 2005 self-employed with the micro agency Reklamestuen, which she still owns and runs today.


Mie Gimm Pedersen. Webmaster
For the past several years, Mie has been responsible for building, maintaining, and optimizing both the ORIGINAL LINES and REKLAMESTUEN’s website. She’s really good at it – and she’ll soon get the hang of it too. Next year she can write full-blooded multimedia designer with UX specialization from Business Academy Aarhus on her CV. Mie is the artist’s youngest daughter, mother of two girls, and cohabiting with the girls’ father, Jacob – with c.
Pernille Jensen. SoMe assistent
Pernille was originally a dedicated nurse, but in 2018 a hip dysplasia diagnosis put an abrupt end to that career. Now she has switched to the SoMe industry and we are so happy that it was here with us that she found her new calling. Pernille is not related by blood to the cartoonist, but to that extent, she has become one of her girls.

Lene Bach Kristensen, Head of Administration.
Lene is the administrative anchor who makes sure that all the paperwork is in order.

She possesses a fantastic overview and with her super efficient structured right hemisphere is a valuable counterbalance to the creative, curly left part of the artist. In addition, Lene is also the cartoonist’s sister, mother of two half-grown children and eventually a half-weight Molbo, even though she has only lived there for 20 years.

Katrine Gimm Pedersen. MA Corporate Communication
Katrine has been involved from day one and is still from the sidelines when creating communication, content, and strategy for social media. On a daily basis, she is a digital marketing consultant at Grundfos, but we are happy that she still wants to be part of us. Katrine is the artist’s eldest daughter. Mother of two boys and married to the boys’ father, Jakob – with k.
Obi and Molly, the office dogs.
You can’t say Obi without saying Molly. In any case, not Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Obi is the artist’s dog and Molly is the artist’s friend’s dog, a Greek street dog the friend adopted last year. What was initially a care arrangement for a dog that could not be alone at home is now a pure pleasure arrangement, and neither we nor Obi now want to do without Molly.