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1. Choose whether you want your text centered or left-sided, and select the background color you wish for your poster. Next, you upload your baby picture (full figure) from which we hand draw your baby’s illustration for the poster. Please be careful when choosing your picture*, as this will serve as the direct reference for the illustration. Lastly, you type in your baby’s birth data and ‘add to cart’.

*As every single poster is created with a hand drawn illustration, you cannot simply regret your reference photo choice. If in doubt about your baby picture, please send us an email containing the photo(s), and Maria (owner and illustrator) will take a look and help guide your choice. For a completely new baby illustration drawn from a new reference photo, we charge a small fee of 100DKK. Therefore, we ask you to consider your choice of reference photo carefully.

2. When we have received your order, Maria will draw the illustration by hand and scale the illustration to the natural birth size. Therefore, your baby does not need to lie ‘outstretched’ in the photo, as Maria will create a life-size illustration based on the uploaded birth data. Maria then creates the birth poster with your chosen design (text alignment and color).

3. You will receive a preview of your birth poster by email (most often the next coming workday) after placing your order. You need to approve the birth poster before we have it sent for print. If you have any requests for small changes to the illustration or discover a fault with the data, you notify us, and we will correct your poster.

ATTENTION: If you have not received your preview 1-2 workdays after placing your order, please check your spam inbox. We sometimes wind up there because of the attached pdf.

4. When you have approved your personal, one-of-a-kind birth poster, we will immediately have it sent for printing, and you will usually receive your poster within 1-2 workdays.


NEWBORN 1:1 is a unique and very personal birth poster of your newborn baby. The birth poster is created with a hand drawn illustration of your own baby from the reference photo you upload with your order. With a NEWBORN 1:1 birth poster, you will always be reminded just how tiny your biggest miracle was at your first encounter. The illustration is always one-of-a-kind and a direct reminder of your child as a newborn. With a NEWBORN 1:1, you get a birth poster that is unique and special and created from minimalistic and Scandinavian design principles. 


A NEWBORN 1:1 birth poster is the perfect gift for new parents. Every poster is created with care and attention to the small details that characterize your newborn baby. A NEWBORN 1:1 is a sweet and thoughtful way of celebrating new life and creating a special and unique keepsake for new parents and their babies.

NEWBORN 1:1 measure 50x70cm, and they come without a frame.

As the posters are unique and personal, you do not have return rights. Instead, you must approve your poster by email before we have it printed.

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